Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Tips for getting a bargain

  • Read on for some handy tips on how to crack that sale.

  • Check product prices at the outlet prior to the sale. This way, you will not buy that most-wanted pair of shoes at their original price, thinking you have struck a good bargain.

  • Pre-plan your mode of transport. Waiting for an auto rickshaw outside your home with shopping bags ruins the excitement of going bargain hunting.

  • Make sure you leave infants or toddlers at home. If you must take the kids, take a nanny or your husband (trained babysitter) along!

  • Want to pick your desired items without having to fight for them? Hit sales first thing in the morning when shops open or in the afternoon when most folks stay indoors. Avoid rush hour and weekends.

  • Check the labelled price on similar clothes and accessories at the same place. Sometimes the tagged price may vary between two similar accessories of equal value.

  • Always inquire about a store's return policy. Those black trousers you bought might just turn out to be dark blue when you get home.

  • If there are two queues, stand in one and make your friend stand in the other.
    Avoid trial room queues with mother-daughter combo. They take dozens of clothes and a hell lot of time to try.

  • If you are not an expert at breath control, carry a deodorant. Not necessarily for yourself but to help you beat the stuffiness of the place.

  • Have five clothes you want to try on but are allowed to take only two inside the trial room? Well, simply make your friend stand outside with the rest! This trick really works and is a great way to not break the rule.

  • A top that looks fabulous with your new padded bra may look rather ugly over your old sports bra. Make sure you wear the right bra while sale shopping.

  • Plan to buy shoes? Carry a pair of socks along. Those trial socks - worn by countless others - might change your mind.

  • Defective pieces are not rare at a sale. Check for untidy seams and poor quality material.
    Size does matter! So never compromise on it. You might never wear it.

  • Make sure you talk to the sales person and not another customer. The crowd might make it difficult to differentiate between the two.

  • Do not forget to collect shopping points if you have a shopping card of a particular outlet. Check if shopping points can be redeemed / encashed during a sale.

  • Do not ignore bargains on cosmetics and accessories, especially the 'buy one get one free' offers.

  • Plan your budget before entering a sale and stick to it. This will prevent you from over spending.

  • Wear clothes and shoes that are easy to get in and out of. You won't have to spend hours in the trial room.

  • When in doubt, do not buy. Unless you have someone who likes hand-me-downs.
    Sale shopping can be quite an adventure, an exhausting one at that. Carry light snacks or fruits such as apples and bananas to keep you energised.

  • Some vendors do not carry out card transactions. Always carry enough cash too! If they do accept cards, the queue at the cash counter is always shorter.

  • After payment, make sure the sales person packs your purchases properly.

  • To save yourself from embarrassment, check if electronic price tags have been removed.

  • Remember, everyone who tried on clothes must have perspired as much as you. Always wash all clothes before wearing.